Bath Salts


Our bath salts come in a 16 ounce, resealable bag. They include a mixture of salts, various herbs and foliage. 

Salt baths are helpful in calming & soothing your body, cleansing and refreshing your energy to maintain spiritual hygiene or just for relaxation during a self-care, home spa day with aromatherapy. 

Spring Clean - An invigorating, lemony fragrance that reminds you of the essence of spring, rejuvenation and renewal. 

Sweet Dreams - Calms and prepares you for a restful night's sleep. Fragrant notes of lavender and bergamot will melt the day away. 

Deep Clean - A mixture of herbs, aromatics of Frankincense and Turmeric work together to purify your aura and energy. This bath is recommended when you feel the need to cleanse and clear negative/low-vibrating energy, maintain good spiritual hygiene for energy workers, or after an intense life event. 

2-3 uses per bag

*A Mesh bag is included in your purchase to safeguard your drain, keeping the herbs in the bag while the salt dissolves in the bath water.